Victoria Beckham says cleaning out her closet for charity felt ''cathartic''.

The 40-year-old fashion designer is auctioning off 600 items from her personal wardrobe in order to raise money for charity mothers2mothers and she enjoyed the process of going through her various outfits and picking out ones to sell.

She explained to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''We went through 20 years of clothes and shoes, hundreds of boxes and rails, and it feels cathartic to have had such a big clear out for such a great cause.

''There was a lot of hilarity, some bad dressing up 'selfies' and a few emotional moments, too.''

The mother-of-four admits it was difficult to part with some of her favourite outfits because they hold such a personal meaning to her, but she doesn't think there's any point hanging on to her clothes when they could benefit a great cause.

Victoria said: ''I'm very blessed that I've got a beautiful daughter to hand lots of things down to. But out there in a world where mothers are trying to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS to their own unborn babies, and where mothers are struggling to get the medication for their own daughters, these clothes have more value being sold online than sitting in a closet for another 20 years waiting for Harper to take an interest.''

Victoria's sale begins today (20.08.14) on