Victoria Beckham's first fashion show experience was like ''another world''.

The singer-turned-designer found her first ever front row experience at a Versace show in Milan completely surreal and says it marked a turning point in her life.

Speaking in her new Skype Collaboration Project documentary, the 39-year-old icon reminisced: ''When I was in the Spice Girls I got invited to go to a Versace fashion show, and I'd never been to a fashion show and Donatella Versace flew me, on a private plane with my friend, to Milan. It was all very glamorous and it was taking me into a completely different world.

''I've still got the dress that I wore - the black, leather dress - and funnily enough I saw Donatella not too long ago - we judged the Woolmark awards in London and I hadn't seen her for years and years and we had a chat whilst we were judging and she said, 'Do you remember when you came to Milan?' and I said, 'God, do I remember? Are you kidding, that was the most exciting thing I'd ever done.' ''

The style-savvy superstar also recalled her extreme anxiety before presenting her first collection because she wanted every last detail to be perfect.

She confessed: ''I felt really anxious, sick, nerves like I've never had nerves before. I'd worked really hard on this collection. I remember the night before I was downstairs with a florist in a pair of hotel slippers at about 4 o'clock in the morning - redoing the flowers because I didn't like the way that the flowers looked.''