Victoria Beckham's family is her ''priority''.

Although she runs her own successful fashion label, the former Spice Girls star says spending time with husband David and their four children Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, nine, Cruz, seven, and 12-month-old Harper is the most important thing to her and she schedules her work around them.

She explained: ''I work hard but a lot of people work hard. My husband and my kids are my priority. I schedule my work around my children. Harper comes with me everywhere. The boys came when they were little but they're at school now.

''I'm not doing anything different from any other working mum. I have four kids but I get on with my life.''

Victoria admits parenting is ''difficult'' but she tries to do her best.

She added to British Airways' Business Life magazine: ''Being a mum is difficult. There's no rulebook, I'm just doing the best I can for David and for them.''

However, Victoria is also very dedicated to her work as she has always wanted to be a designer.

She said: ''It's my passion, what I always wanted to do. I have found an area I can compete in, in my own little way. I'm just starting. I have a long way to go and I know that.''