Victoria Beckham always wears sunglasses to hide her tiredness.

The Spice Girls star-turned-fashion designer - who has children Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 12, Cruz, nine, and two-year-old Harper with husband David - admits her accessories choices stem out of necessity to conceal the fact she doesn't get much sleep as a busy working mother.

She said: ''These days, I'm up with at least one of my children most of the night, so I always wear a pair of sunglasses and a really good handbag.''

While Victoria is known for a slender silhouette, she insists she is also a fan of ''loose fitting'' garments.

Speaking to ''I love the fitted signature dress and that's a look that people associate with me, but then I also like to wear something looser, whether it's a loose-fitting pant or shirt or whatever it might be.''

And despite her success as a fashion designer, Victoria admits she is still surprised to have made a career out of her hobby.

She added: ''I've always loved fashion even when I was in music. You know, it's funny; I never set out to create a brand. What I do really was a hobby. I love what I do. I am blessed to have a job that doesn't really feel like a job. I'm enjoying it. I'm learning along the way.''