Victoria Beckham says it's important to invest in a "timeless" dress.

The singer-turned-fashion designer - who recently launched her second and more affordable clothing range, Victoria by Victoria Beckham - likes women to feel good when they were her designs and knows the importance of buying classic creations.

She said: "Every woman needs a great dress, one she can rely on day or night. It should flatter from every angle, standing and sitting. And should always make her feel beautiful and confident.

"The ultimate dress is one that's timeless, considered a fashion investment and that can be worn time and Time Again."

The mother-of-four also revealed how she based the collection on what she would want to wear.

She told Britain's InStyle magazine: "Everything is designed in-house. I work closely with my team and design depending on what I want to wear and what feels right for me, while giving everything a string fashion message."