Victoria Beckham joked her son Romeo ''used'' her for views on social media.

The fashion designer was shocked when her son asked her to film a video with him for social media platform Tik Tok, only to discover he wanted to use her fame to promote it.

She said: ''What should we dance to? He said 'the Spice Girls'. And then he took my phone, he posted it on my Instagram and said, 'That'll get my numbers up' ... He used me! It was a lot of fun, but I have to say I think that Romeo definitely takes after his dad with his moves.''

Victoria's eldest son Brooklyn Beckham was listed as one of the sexiest men ''at any age'' in People's 2019 Sexiest Man Alive issue and Victoria admitted it was weird to think about.

Speaking whilst appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she added: ''I don't know if I want to know that. I don't need to know.''

Victoria previously opened up about family life and praised her husband David for being ''a very good dad'' to Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, Cruz, 14, and Harper, eight.

She said: ''I've been married to him for over 20 years, so I'm kinda fond of him. He's a good dad, he's a very good dad. He's really good, I mean. David is watching the kids and we swap. When I'm at home, he's away, so one of us is always there looking after the kids.''

And Victoria confessed the ''secret'' to her successful marriage to David is ''communication''.

She said: ''You know, I think that the kids are our priority, and everything we do revolves around the children. But we both work really hard. We love what we do professionally. We support each other and, you know, we're very lucky to have found each other and lucky that we're growing together. You know, we love our family. Everything we do revolves around our family. I think it's just being focused, working hard [and] having a great support team around us. Both of our parents are very, very present and help with the kids.''