Victoria Beckham was bullied at school.

The former Spice Girl claims she didn't fit in with the ''cool'' children at school because she was focused on pursuing a career on the stage and as a result was teased by her peers.

She told the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine: ''I dreamed with being on a stage. But it was a difficult part of my life. I suffered bullying. I did not fit anywhere... I was ambitious, I made a great effort, I respected teachers and rules. After school I went to dance lessons and singing and acting lessons.

''Meanwhile the rest of the kids hid for smoking and that kind of things. They pretended to be cool, but I was not like them.''

Following her stint in the Spice Girls Victoria has successfully re-launched her career as a fashion designer and insists she has no intention of rejoining the group despite their brief reunion for a one-off performance at the London's 2012 Olympic Games.

She added: ''I will not do that anymore. It was an honour for me being in the Olympic Games. I was so proud of being British. It was the perfect moment for saying: 'It was wonderful. Thank you very much, but I´m done.' Sometimes you have to know when leave the party.''