Victoria Beckham feels fashion is where she belongs.

The former Spice Girl is thrilled with what she's achieved as a designer over the last year and truly believes it's what she's meant to be doing in life.

Victoria said: ''I love fashion. I really feel like it's where I belong. There's a lot I'd like to do. I'd like to expand my empire. I'm very lucky to have a job that I love.''

The 39-year-old star - who walked away with the Woman of the Decade award at the annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night (04.06.13) - kicked off her career in 2006 by launching a denim line entitled 'dvb' and now designs for the top end market, but revealed she would like to create a high street line at some point in the future.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, she explained: ''Maybe at some point [I will collaborate with the high street] but not right now because I have a lot going on and I've got four children, but absolutely [at some point I will]. I think the high street is great.''

The designer - who is recognised more as a style icon than as a singer - admits she gets a buzz out of seeing women wearing her dresses because she wants to make them feel sexy so they can strut down the street with confidence.

She added: ''I love women and I want to empower women to feel good about themselves. Seeing any women in my dresses is exciting whether it is Jourdan Dunn... or whether it is someone that I pass by on the street who isn't a supermodel, it's still exciting.''