David and Victoria Beckham go on dates in their car.

The couple - who have been married for 11 years - spend a lot of time apart from one another because of their hectic work schedules but enjoy going on drives together as it reminds them of the early days of their romance.

David said: "We always make time for each other. We have date nights, of course. I think that's important.

"We like going for a drive in the car - that's our date sometimes - it's what we always used to do when we lived in Manchester and spent weekends in London, we'd drive down together then just sit in a park and chat, that's something we still do now. We make time for each other."

David also revealed he and Victoria - with who he has three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, seven, and five-year-old Cruz - had their first kiss in a car park behind a pub near his parents' home in Chingford, Essex.

Speaking about keeping their romance a secret for the first few months, he recalled: "It really was special then, hiding, driving around because I wasn't as well known as Victoria and trying to hide 'Posh Spice' away in your car was difficult.

"On the way to my parents' house in Epping, there's a little pub and we had our first kiss in the car park there.

"I was with my sons the other day and I said, 'See there, that's where I first kissed mummy in the car park.' "

The 35-year-old sportsman also claimed he needed to get the 36-year-old singer-turned-designer drunk to make her fall for him on their second meeting in the players' lounge at his former club Manchester United's ground Old Trafford.

Speaking in a webchat for Yahoo!, he said: "She was in the players' lounge and we started talking, she'd had a bit to drink and gave me her number, so I made her fall in love by giving her a little bit more wine.

"Years of marriage on, we've got three beautiful boys and the wine worked!"