Victoria Beckham is happy to look like a "miserable b***h".

The former Spice Girls singer never worries about what she looks like or about people criticising her style, as she is comfortable with herself.

She told the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine: "When I'm travelling, I go to the airport dressed in something I can go to work in when I land. Otherwise I'm in jeans, T-shirts and flip-flops.

"Being in the public eye for so long, you care less about it. I don't care if someone says, 'Here's Victoria in flat shoes.' I always look like a miserable b***h in photos and that's fine."

While Victoria - who has three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and five-year-old Cruz with her soccer star husband David Beckham - doesn't care what she looks like, her youngest children are much more style-conscious.

David said: "Cruz loves spiking his hair up. We tried to give him a shaved head and he said, 'No, I want a Mohawk for Halloween.' Romeo is into his clothes - he loves a shirt and tie. Brooklyn's the one not really bothered by it."