Victoria Beckham is ''enjoying'' her long hair.

The former Spice Girl - who was renowned for her iconic bob hair cut in the early 2000s - insists she ''loved'' the style but won't be chopping off her locks again anytime soon as she finds her long hair easier to manage.

She said: ''I loved my hair short, but the great thing about having long hair is you can do so much more with it. It's a lot easier.

''For the moment I'm enjoying the fact that it's actually a lot easier to have the long hair. It's just effortless. Short hair always takes a lot longer to get looking right.''

The 40-year-old fashion designer also shared her top tips for staying in shape and credits her healthy diet in maintaining her svelte figure.

She said: ''You know, I eat very healthily. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, and a lot of fruit.

''I work out every day, six or seven days.''

However, Victoria - who has four children, Brooklyn,15, Romeo, 12, Cruz, nine, and three-year-old Harper Seven, with her husband, former footballer David Beckham - also enjoys relaxing around the house and describes her makeup-free days as a ''treat''.

She told Elle magazine: ''I do quite like to have a day where I'm just hanging out in the house, in comfy clothes, catching up on books that I've wanted to read.

''That's a real treat for me. Just going about with no makeup on.''