Victoria Beckham has insisted that she has no plans to launch an acting career following her move to America's showbiz capital, Los Angeles.

During a phone conference with reporters yesterday the wife of footballer David Beckham also stressed that, despite the press attention they receive, the couple are "actually quite boring".

The Beckhams are due to move to the US with their three sons this week, with the family reportedly having taken a new luxury home close to their Hollywood pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

As her husband prepares to make his debut for the LA Galaxy soccer team later this month, Mrs Beckham has also been busy raising her public profile there and US television network NBC are to air a documentary charting her move to the States on July 16th.

Nonetheless Beckham is adamant that she has no plans to try and embark on a Hollywood career, admitting that she "really wasn't that good" in the 1997 film Spice World – the movie in which she starred with fellow members of the now reformed band, the Spice Girls.

"I must be the only person in LA that doesn't want to be in films," she said.

Beckham also stressed that she would not be launching a new solo singing career following the recently announced Spice Girls tour - due to kick-off in LA in December.

"I'm certainly not using this as a springboard to launch any sort of solo career, you'll be glad to hear," she told journalists.

Rather than seeking public adulation, Beckham revealed that it was really her family that she was hoping to impress with the tour.

"I want my kids to see mummy on the stage doing what I used to do and I want David to see it again," she said.

10/07/2007 06:21:21