Former SPICE GIRL, Victoria Beckham has reportedly demanded a trial separation from her soccer star husband DAVID - despite being pregnant with their third child.

Victoria detests the REAL MADRID star's increasingly aggressive behaviour, so phoned him on Monday (06SEP04) to say she doesn't love him any more because he's a "vain arrogant yob" who publicly humiliated her by sleeping with his former PA Rebecca Loos, reports Britain's NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper.

A close friend says, "She hates his looks, hates the tattoos all over his body and hates the way he swears and rants all the time. Victoria considers herself more high-bred than him and has been going around telling everyone, 'I've married an Essex yob'.

"He's lost the plot. He's angry all the time. And he blames everybody but himself. It's got so bad they've started talking about a trial separation so they can take stock of their marriage.

"David rowed with Victoria last Monday, on the phone. He was shouting, 'I can't stand it any more you're all ruining my life, just leave me alone.' Most of their arguments are on the phone nowadays because they're hardly together any more."

12/09/2004 14:11