Victoria Beckham has agreed to help look after two lambs for celebrity chef friend GORDON RAMSAY, not knowing that they will be slaughtered and eaten soon.

Ramsay asked Posh to look after the two lambs as his London home does not have enough space to keep them. Victoria agreed, letting the young sheep frolic around the 25-acre grounds of Beckingham Palace.

However, Victoria, a strict vegetarian, reportedly had no idea that Ramsay plans to kill and eat the sheep as part of his cookery show, explaining the process of food from live animal to plate.

A source told the Mirror that Posh was less than pleased, saying: "He [Ramsay] said they needed space to gambol around in. She met them when they were delivered on Monday and thinks they're adorable.

"What Gordon neglected to mention, though, was that he was planning to have them killed."

Ramsay has been branded a "vegetarian hater" in the past by animal rights group Peta, an accusation compounded when he fed meat to an unsuspecting vegetarian on his TV show in 2005.

19/04/2007 10:11:51