The mother of former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham has reportedly convinced her daughter not to relocate to Spain to be with soccer star husband DAVID - deepening the rift in the couple's floundering marriage.

The England captain recently pledged his future to team Real Madrid, despite claims he would be moving back to Britain after allegations he had an affair with his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos, while living in the Spanish capital.

Victoria also signalled her intentions to stick by her husband, by vowing to permanently move to the city.

But JACKIE ADAMS, who is Victoria's closest confidante, has refused to join the family in the Spanish city and has advised Victoria it would detrimental to her health and reputation if she goes.

According to insiders, Jackie fears Victoria will be seen as weak for giving up her career to be near the soccer ace - and has told her to stay in the UK and commute to Spain instead.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY MAIL, "Jackie is Victoria's closest advisor and her power is spread to all areas of her life.

"The only time Victoria failed to listen to her advice was when she warned that Rebecca Loos could be dangerous - and her daughter ignored it. No Victoria has learned to listen to her mother.

"There will be no family, no friends, and no professional support - which Jackie embodies. Victoria feels she could never trust someone other than her mother to act as nanny. And Jackie has told her there is no way she will move to Spain."

27/05/2004 13:37