Victoria Beckham has said that she is hoping to have another child, preferably a girl, with husband David Beckham.

Speaking to popular daytime show host Ellen Degeneres, Posh Spice said she was eager to have a daughter in order to add another female presence to the family.

However, the 33-year-old said she would delay plans to give her three sons a sister until the end of her world tour with the Spice Girls.

"It would be great to have a girl. It would finish the family off, and David would love a girl…but I have a big tour coming up and I don't want to get pregnant," she said.

But the fashionista joked that she and her footballer husband would keep "practicing" in the meantime.

Beckham also said that the family was settling in well since their move to Los Angeles and spoke of how eight-year-old son Brooklyn was coping with communication differences.

Posh told DeGeneres: "I took him to school and he met his teacher. His teacher was trying to relax him and said, 'Brooklyn, you know, what do you like?' and he said, 'Soccer!' She said, 'Do you collect anything?'

"He said, 'Yes, I collect rubbers.'"

She then explained the innocent mistake to the audience explaining that in England rubbers were taken to mean erasers, rather than condoms as in the US.

DeGeneres made light of the incident saying that Brooklyn may want to speed up his hobby as he was likely to be popular with the ladies as he grows up.

02/11/2007 07:58:11