Posh Spice Victoria Beckham has been thwarted in her first battle to win over the American public, with a thrashing in the ratings for her TV series.

Despite being featured on almost every newsstand in America at the moment, alongside husband David Beckham, the US has yet to take to Victoria and her fly-on-the-wall documentary series has been panned by critics.

In the UK things are not much better, with the BBC's WAKING THE DEAD attracting 4.5 million viewers compared to just 3.5 million tuning in to Posh's show.

American journalists slammed the documentary as "an orgy of self-indulgence", "vapid" and "condescending", although British critics were slightly more kind.

The show, which was produced by Simon Fuller - the man behind the Spice Girls - featured some strange incidents including Victoria being pulled over by police and employing a new PA, who was played by an actress.

ITV1, which screened the show in the UK, will next week show a documentary about Victoria's husband David and his move to the US.

18/07/2007 17:11:45