Victoria Beckham made her US TV debut last night on the network NBC to a mixed reaction from critics.

Titled Victoria Beckham Coming to America, the one-hour TV special followed the former Spice Girl as she prepared for her and husband David's move to the US.

Posh is seen getting her photograph taken for a driving license, pitching a ball at a baseball match and generally wandering around with her entourage.

The New York Times concluded that if viewers made it past the first ad break, "either there is a vast, media-controlled conspiracy afoot, or there is no such thing as celebrity ditz-fatigue".

The paper's review noted that Posh was "somewhat famous for being sort of famous" and is photographed a lot in Britain which was described as a nation "open to media hypnosis".

A specially edited version for the UK will be shown tonight at 21:00 BST on ITV1, showing how Posh is adapting to life in LA.

Viewers will see her househunting and hiring a new personal assistant as well dealing with her fashion interests.

Posh soaked up some of the attention the couple get at her husband's official unveiling with the LA Galaxy on Friday.

The former England captain might not be making his debut as early as some thought, however, as he is struggling with an ankle injury that might keep him out LA Galaxy's friendly with Chelsea at the weekend.

17/07/2007 12:16:23