Victoria Beckham will make a guest appearance in the second series of US TV show Ugly Betty.

TV network ABC confirmed the cameo, according to reports, allowing Beckham to boost her stateside profile with the role.

As in her only previous acting appearance in front of the camera, the critically-slammed 1997 Spice Girls movie SpiceWorld, Beckham will be playing herself on the show. She will feature as a celebrity bridesmaid at the wedding of key characters Wilhelmina Slater and Bradford Meade.

"She definitely belongs in the Mode world. She'd definitely be somebody that Wilhelmina is good buddies with," America Ferrera, who plays Betty in the show, said.

The appearance will be welcomed as good news for Beckham, whose documentary Victoria Beckham Coming to America received nothing but raised eyebrows and the odd snigger from critics.

With husband David struggling to shake off recent injuries, their move from Spain to California has not proved entirely straightforward.

But Posh Spice can take solace from her other activities. As well as the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour, her fashion label dVb should keep her busy.

31/08/2007 14:39:12