Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham has bitterly defended her husband DAVID BECKHAM by rubbishing reports he cheated on her with his alleged mistresses Rebecca Loos and SARAH MARBECK.

The Real Madrid hunk's wife branded Loos and Marbeck "money-grabbers" and insists he isn't the sort of man who gets drunk and seduces women.

The 30-year-old explains, "He's always faithful and nothing has changed at all. The most important thing is I know the truth and my family know the truth. I don't want to give it any more time than that.

"This isn't the first time that allegations have been made. We're just carrying on. David feels the same as me. You just draw a line under it because that's what everybody wants."

Beckham - formerly known as POSH SPICE - is releasing a single MINE FOR REAL this summer (04) and is anxious to bury reports of her husband's alleged infidelity and focus on her family and career.

23/05/2004 14:21