Pop singer Victoria Beckham and supermodel Naomi Campbell's truce appears to be over already - after POSH slammed models as "stupid".

The two Brits had a public rivalry for years after bitter meetings on the celebrity party circuit, leading Beckham to label the London-born beauty a "bitch" and "complete cow" on her TV show VICTORIA'S SECRETS.

Last year (03) the two stars shocked the British media when they called time on their feud, after they both signed to model hip-hop mogul Damon Dash's ROCAWEAR collection.

However after hearing Beckham questioning the mental capacity of catwalk queens, Campbell has renewed her frosty glare for the wife of soccer hunk DAVID BECKHAM.

Campbell fumes, "Do you know what she said?

"'I'm not a model. Models are stupid!'

"Well I do it nearly everyday. I'm blessed to be working. Flattered."

19/03/2004 02:40