Victoria Beckham thinks anti-ageing products are ''bulls**t''.

The fashion designer has recently launched the first products in her beauty range and though she's planning to expand the collection, she just wants people to ''celebrate'' their appearance, rather than try to turn back the clock.

She said: ''It's not about trying to make ourselves look different or any younger.

''I'm not going to be coming out with products that say they'll get rid of wrinkles because I think that's bulls**t.

''We should celebrate who we are and be the best, most powerful version of ourselves.

''We should also celebrate each other and, as women, be strong together.''

The 45-year-old star - who has collaborated with Sarah Creal on the collection - has learned a lot about ''clean beauty'' while working on her range and now hopes to educate her consumers on the subject.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''I've spent years working with the best make-up artists in the industry.

''Sarah and I wanted to create something that is kind to the environment making sure we are using minimal plastic in all the packaging.

''Being kind to ourselves and kind to the planet - we feel that's a modern take on beauty without having to compromise on the formulas.

''The most important thing for us is to be transparent.

''Before I did this, I was confused about clean beauty and what it meant. People need more information and I'm going to give it to them.''

Victoria also revealed a surprising source of design inspiration for the horn-patterned compact casing for her Smoky Eye Brick.

She laughed: ''I took inspiration from a bowl in my kitchen.''