The children's clothing company has been inundated with messages from doting parents claiming that their kids are more beautiful than Victoria Beckham 's daughter Harper Seven. The company's founders, Jonny Sitton and Daniel Price have contacted Victoria and David, to offer a modelling contract to Harper and since other mums and dads caught wind of the offer, they have been besieged with emails from pushy parents insisting that their own offspring are better looking than Baby Beckham.
The number of emails that they've received has got so large that they have been forced to ask people to stop contacting them, lest they should miss a reply from the Beckhams themselves, The Telegraph reports today. "It's wonderful that so many parents want their children to be associated with but for now we'd like to respectfully ask parents to please stop sending in their pictures. We don't want to miss a response from the Beckhams so we really need these emails to stop coming in" said Mr. Price.
The company apparently has a number of celebrities in its fan base. According to the report, Sir Elton John is a fan of the brand and has been presented with a gift set for his son Zachary. The company owners have also presented Dannii Minogue with a gift set for her little one as well. They are keen to get Harper on board as the face of the brand though and have described her as "the most stylish tot around."