Victoria Beckham continues to amaze her friends with her unique take on fashion by customising every outfit she wears.

The singer-turned-designer is often voted one of the world's most stylish women and good pal Kelly Hoppen says it's because she is never afraid to experiment with her look and take risks, as she found out when she gave the former Spice Girl one of her tops from her new loungewear range.

Speaking at the launch of Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture at prestigious London store Harrods - where it will be exclusively stocked - the interior designer exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Victoria didn't help me with the designs, but when I gave her some in the summer, it was quite funny because she put one top on inside out and I went you've got it on inside out and she said, 'Yeah, I did on purpose.' And I was like, 'Well, actually it looks quite cool.' She put her own twist on it. But that's why she's so stylish, never afraid to try out different looks, and she always looks great."

As well as having Victoria as a fan of her new range, Kelly was keen for everyday women to be able to wear something that's stylish yet comfortable something which was hard to find before.

She said: "A lot of loungewear is pretty naff and scruffy and I think this kind of goes across the board. People who are buying it are mothers, who want to go and pick their kids up from school but look nice at the same time. Lots of people wear it to travel in now as they want something that's stylish as well as comfortable when they're on the plane."

As well as being stylish, the Kelly Hoppen for Earth Couture range helps vulnerable children as every time a purchase is made from the collection, a child in Africa will be guaranteed a whole night's sleep with a mosquito coil, helping to fight life-threatening mosquito-borne disease such as malaria.