Harper Seven Beckham, the newly born daughter of Victoria Beckham and husband David, is already causing a stir in the entertainment world despite being just one day old. Victoria gave birth to her first daughter on Sunday (10th July 2011), but the celebrity couple baffled fans with their mysterious choice of name.

Despite the numerous theories circulating social networking sites, a friend of the couple explained the name, telling US Weekly Magazine, "Harper is an old english name that [Victoria] has always liked", adding, "Seven is a very spiritual lucky number. She was born in the seventh month, in the seventh hour". Some Twitter users had suggested the Beckhams had named their daughter after the 'To Kill A Mockingbird' author, 'Harper Lee', while others had suggested the 'Seven' referred to David's famous shirt number he wore for both Manchester United and England. The celebrity couple aren't the first to use the name - the actress Tiffani Thiessen and her husband BRADY SMITH named their daughter 'Harper Renn' last year.

'Harper Seven Beckham' was born at the Cedars-Sinal medical facility in Los Angeles on Sunday. The baby-girl joins older brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.