Victoria Beckham "knows a lot about handbags".

Katie Hillier - the designer who has worked alongside the star on her luxury bag collection for the past two years - thinks people in The Fashion industry need to "rethink their opinions" of the former Spice Girls singer because she is "super-smart".

She said: "Victoria is super-smart - people need to rethink their opinions of her. She knows a lot about handbags. In fact, she knows a lot about everything to do with fashion.

"Working with her is not only really good fun; it's satisfying because the product is so amazing. It's hard to design a bag that speaks for itself."

Katie - who also designs for the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Loewe - explained as the 37-year-old singer-turned-designer is so focused on the "quality" of her garments, she enjoys working on a line that "means something".

She added in an interview with the London Evening Standard newspaper: "With Victoria, it's all about the quality. I get emails from her saying, 'The little inside pocket doesn't have the right stitching.'

"Our focus isn't on designing a logo but on finding the right leather. I enjoy working on something that I know means something."