Victoria Beckham initially turned down an award for her charity work because she "doesn't like to be honoured or fussed about", according to her friend Eva Longoria.

The Desperate Housewives star honoured Beckham at her annual Global Gift Gala event in London on 17 November (14) in recognition of her contributions to the Mothers2mothers charity, which aims to stamp out paediatric Aids, and her work with the United Nations.

However, Longoria reveals the singer-turned-fashion designer initially refused the Global Gift Philanthopeneur Award.

She tells Britain's Seven Days magazine, "She has really dedicated herself to learning more about the Aids problem in Africa with Mothers2mothers... Victoria has (also) been doing some amazing work with the U.N. I wanted to be sure that everybody knew about it and bring more awareness to all of her work in Africa... I called her.

"First she's like, 'Don't honour me'. She doesn't like to be honoured or fussed about. So I was like, 'This is going to be a really great thing for everybody to know that you do so much stuff outside of fashion'... and she does. She's very humble and she doesn't like to be awarded or honoured but she really knows the Global Gift Gala is an amazing thing that we've been doing...

"So when we said we wanted to honour her, she knew we would bring awareness to the causes really dear to her, which is this Mothers2mothers for the U.N. She's just an amazing human being."