Victoria Beckham likes dresses with a "certain edge" to them, according to Julian J Smith.

The fashionista was recently spotted wearing a distinctive, colourful number by the up-and-coming designer and Julian believed it suited her style perfectly.

He said: "That dress is very 'visual'. It says, 'Look at me', but not in a vulgar way. It's cute, flattering and has a certain edge to it.

"Victoria had heard about my collection so she asked to see a selection of pieces."

Reality TV star Olivia Palermo also donned the dress and Julian was thrilled to see two stars showcasing his design.

He told "I really think she looked great, I love the way she mixed it up with textures and a statement necklace.

"Olivia went into a store in New York called Debut where my collection is currently exclusively stocked in the US, she saw it and loved it.

"I didn't know either of them were definitely going to wear it. You never really know until you see the pictures."

Another celebrity Julian has worked is Beth Ditto and he is keen to team up with her again.

He said: "I made really cool outfits for Beth Ditto last year and she's a real inspiration, I definitely want to dress her again. For me, clothes and fashion are hugely important, but being involved in the creation of an image or a 'look' is very important and satisfying."