David and Victoria Beckham are "always" trying for another baby.

The couple - who have sons Brooklyn, 11, seven-year-old Romeo and Cruz, five - have made no secret of their desire to extend their family further and the soccer star says they would be "lucky" to have another child.

He said: "We're always trying. If we're lucky enough to have more, that will be amazing."

The 35-year-old sportsman also revealed he still affectionately uses the nickname his spouse was given when she was in 'Wannabe' group Spice Girls.

He told UK TV talk show host Jonathan Ross: "She's down on my phone as Posh. She'll always be Posh! She still calls me Golden Balls."

David is famous for his tattoos and admits his children have already asked when they can join in with his obsession with body art.

He said: "The youngest, who's five, the other day turned to me and said, 'Daddy look at my arms' and he literally had these tattoos drawn all over his arms.

"They have asked when they can have them. Romeo turned round and said, 'I'm going to have mummy and daddy on my arm'. I'm not sure mummy would be pleased about that."

While David would love to add to his inkings, he admits there are certain areas of his body which Victoria has forbidden him from having tattoos.

He explained in a webchat with Yahoo!: "Victoria doesn't want me to have tattoos on my chest because she wants to be the only one to touch my chest!

"I am a big fan of tattoos and maybe I'll have more in the future but my mum will kill me I think."