Victoria Beckham's former musical collaborator Dane Bowers has issued a scathing blow to her pop comeback - he's mocked her songs and her singing ability.

Victoria is struggling to recreate the success she enjoyed as part of the Spice Girls, but enjoyed her biggest post-band hit with Dane in 2001 with the song OUT OF YOUR MIND.

And as she bids for music success again through her new hip-hop sound, Bowers admits he's disappointed by her new songs and has slammed her rap efforts.

He says, "She's no Whitney Houston.

"I've heard the new stuff and I'm not sure about it. I was asked to work on some tracks for Victoria's new album but I was too busy.

"Everyone's jumping on the hip hop bandwagon, and, whatever she says, Posh Spice can't rap."

30/11/2003 10:38