Celebrity couple DAVID and Victoria Beckham are continuing their assault on America by taking on the country's top shows.

The couple, who wowed the crowds at the Mtv Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday (31MAY03), will appear tonight (02JUN03) on top chat show THE TONIGHT SHOW.

And, as the Bend It Like Beckham movie enters America's top 10 list for the first time since its release there three months ago, soccer hero Beckham is even making the sports headlines.

His decision to leave English club Manchester United and sign for Spain's Real Madrid made it onto America's revered SPORTSCENTER news show over the weekend (01JUN03) - a show which rarely focuses on soccer stories, let alone foreign ones.

Meanwhile, former SPICE GIRL Victoria is currently in Hollywood allegedly negotiating a movie role.

02/06/2003 21:07