DAVID and Victoria Beckham are both taking elocution lessons in a bid to boost their showbiz careers in the U.S., according to reports.
The former Spice Girl is said to have enrolled in classes before filming her judging stint on American Idol earlier this year (09) over fears Stateside audiences would struggle to understand her accent.
And her soccer star husband has also been seeing a speech tutor in preparation to launch a TV career once he retires from the sport, according to Britain's the Daily Star.
A source tells the publication, "David is quite keen to to move into TV work when he finally retires, probably after the next World Cup. He's got the looks and the knowledge, but knows his voice needs work.
"Victoria has also been keen to live up to her name and speak more properly. She knows she has a very thick British accent and is sometimes misunderstood in America. She knows being British can be an asset in the States, but not if the Yanks cannot understand what you're talking about."