Superstar couple DAVID and Victoria Beckham could face paying out GBP1 million ($1.95 million) in damages to a snubbed party guest, according to his lawyer. Millionaire DAVID WEST is suing the couple after donating GBP103,000 ($200,850) to children's charity NSPCC in return for an invite to a fundraising event they held in May last year (06). West claims the Beckhams' aides branded him "unsavoury" and banned him from mixing with celebrity guests at the event. He turned down their invite and urged the couple to match his donation, which he claims they refused to do. It means the Beckhams could be ordered to appear before a London judge to settle the dispute. West's lawyer, RODNEY HYLTON-POTTS, says, "We have a very good case and the Beckhams know it. We want them to give evidence in court so they can explain their actions. They may try to get out of it, but we intend to seek an order from the court requiring that they attended the hearing personally."