An angry partygoer is suing DAVID and Victoria Beckham after accusing the celebrity couple of 'snubbing' him at a party he paid to go to. Nightclub owner DAVE WEST paid $180,000 (GBP100,000) at a charity auction for a ticket to the Beckhams' pre-soccer World Cup party in May (06). But West refused to go the Full Length and Fabulous bash after accusing the Beckhams' staff of insulting him prior to the event. West claims the staff talked down to him and warned him against mingling with the celebrity guests in a pre-party phonecall. And now he wants the Beckhams to pay another GBP100,000 to the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) to compensate. West says, "This (staff) guy talked down to me about everything, including the dress code. I felt I would have been unwelcome and treated badly." A spokesman for the Beckhams says, "It's in the hands of lawyers."