Victoria Beckham has hinted that she and her husband David are planning to have another child during their stay in Los Angeles.

The Beckhams relocated to LA after David's move to Los Angeles Galaxy and have since made a home for themselves in the LA hills.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Posh said: "We'd like to have another - maybe next year.

"He or she might be lucky enough to have dual nationality."

The Spice Girl also revealed that she was happier now her husband was back playing for LA Galaxy after suffering from an ankle injury.

"I love it here and I'm so glad that David's now fit and playing full games - it was so frustrating for him being stuck on the bench.

"It's so great for us all here. The children love the sports and outdoor activities, David loves his new team, and I'm just really happy to be somewhere where I already have friends."

Posh will also get to stay in her new favourite home as the rest of the Spice Girls will be heading out to LA for rehearsals ahead of their new tour.

The Spice Girl told the paper: "Emma, Mel C and Geri are moving over here in a few weeks to join Mel B and myself so we can start the rehearsals properly.

"It's nerve-racking but exciting for all of us. We've all grown up a lot since we were a band the first time but we've always had our friendship.

"David and the boys will be coming to a lot of the dates - they're just as thrilled about it as me."

24/08/2007 16:50:31