Victoria Beckham has demanded that sensational film footage showing her rowing with husband David Beckham be removed from a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary.

The former SPICE GIRL insisted that a series of incidents were chopped from THE REAL BECKHAMS - which is to be shown on British channel ITV1 on Christmas Eve (24DEC03) - including a phone row with David that ends with her in tears and an honest on-camera admission that she gets jealous when her husband talks to other women.

Shot while soccer star David was making his $42.5 million (GBP25 million) move from Manchester United to Real Madrid and Victoria was relaunching her singing career, the documentary followed the couple over the past six months.

The superstar couple have spent most of their time apart as David, 28, lived in a hotel in Spain, while Victoria, 29, jetted off to New York to work with hip hop mogul Damon Dash on her new album.

One source reveals, "This put a strain on their marriage. In one incident when they were apart, she took a call in another room...

"She was saying, 'David, that's not fair. I am around. It's really difficult talking sometimes.'

"Victoria came back and looked really upset and seemed to be wiping away a tear."

21/12/2003 14:51