Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is set for more heartbreak - because soccer superstar husband David Beckham has allegedly been cheating on her with a second mistress.

Following a week (ends09APR04) where the British tabloids have been filled with stories of Beckham's reported affair with his former assistant REBECCA LOOS, model SARAH MARBECK has now spoken of a two-year sexually-charged relationship with the REAL MADRID star.

Barrister's daughter Marbeck tells UK newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD, "Sleeping with David Beckham was a momentous day for me, not just a one-night stand."

Marbeck met Beckham in 2001 at a party thrown by socialites in their palatial home in Singapore - where the sportsman was on tour with MANCHESTER UNITED.

And later that night the pair first made love in Beckham's hotel room.

Malaysian-born Marbeck says, "I certainly didn't take our love affair lightly and nor did he. This is probably the most famous father, family man and husband in the world and he changed my life.

"I know I meant something to him because, on and off, we continued our relationship month after month.

"When we made love David told me, 'I know what we're doing is wrong, but I can't help it.'"

11/04/2004 14:24