Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham and her husband DAVID have hired a new butler after outbidding SHARON and Ozzy Osbourne for his services.

The two couples launched into a bidding war to secure the services of the servant on Christmas Day (25DEC04), which the Beckhams won after writing a cheque for $5,700 (GBP3,000).

The Beckhams were so impressed with the un-named man's performance, they have hired him full-time - as a replacement for their previous butler JOHN GILES-LARKIN, who quit in December (04).

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY STAR, "The guy they had set their hearts on is just about the best there is - the Osbournes really wanted him, but the Beckhams offered more."

Before offering him a job, the couple tested the mystery man's discretion.

The source continues, "The butler had to sign a detailed confidentiality agreement before he could even cross the threshold.

"And he was warned that some of the things he'd hear during the day weren't true and if they appeared in the media they'd know it had come from him."

A spokesperson for the Beckhams says, "The butler they had on Christmas Day is being considered for a permanent role but no decisions have been made."

05/01/2005 13:39