Victoria Beckham's never-to-be-released hip-hop album has been ridiculed by British critics - who have likened her style to spoof rapper Ali G.

The former SPICE GIRL was banned from releasing the tracks she recorded with hip-hop mentor Damon Dash, after a bust-up with her record label TELSTAR.

But writers on British newspaper The Sun's showbiz column BIZARRE have got hold of the songs - which include samples of tracks by pop legends THE Beatles and GEORGE MICHAEL - and are allowing readers to listen to them by calling a telephone line.

Bizarre says of the songs, "Victoria murders The Beatles and massacres George Michael.

"As for her style, she has shunned Eminem, 50 CENT and Dr Dre and opted instead for the Ali G school."

Of one track, COME TOGETHER - which samples the JOHN LENNON-written hit of the same name - the newspaper adds, "John Lennon penned the classic in 1969 and he'll be spinning in his grave. Dash must have been having a laugh when he recorded it."

Beckham's Come Together includes the lines, "I'm the kind of girl who knows what she wants, but are you the kind of guy who can give me what I want?/Wait before you answer, stop and throw your hands up, this is my party and you're the private dancer/Hey, hey baby, you're driving me crazy, let's get together, stay together maybe."

15/01/2004 02:36