Wannabe hip-hop star Victoria Beckham is planning to open her very own boutique in her new home of Madrid.

POSH SPICE moved to the Spanish city when her husband DAVID was sold to football club Real Madrid, and she's planning to take advantage of the locals' legendary sense of style by starting up her very own designer gear store, with the help of younger sister and personal stylist LOUISE.

The singer has already been eyeing swanky sites in the city's classy Calle Serrano and Ortega y Gassetts districts.

A local estate agent reveals, "Mrs Beckham told us she wanted to buy a shop to turn into a fashion store. We managed to find two premises and now she's giving them serious consideration."

The singer is no stranger to the world of high fashion - as well as being famed for her fixation with DOLCE + GABBANA, she's recently been signed as the face of record mogul Damon Dash's clothing label ROCAWEAR.

22/08/2003 17:13