Victoria Beckham is trying to stop the release of a song she recorded last year (02) - after disputing claims her vocals have been removed from the track.

The former SPICE GIRL teamed up with dance artist and producer JONNY L to record AIRWAVES - which marked her first move into the hip-hop genre she later pursued with American rap mogul DAMON DASH - but the single was never released after Beckham signed with the TELSTAR record company.

However, the song is included on Jonny L's new album 27 HOURS A DAY - but Beckham is refusing to believe his assurances her vocals have been removed and re-recorded.

Jonny's record company PIRANHA counters, "Jonny invited Victoria to his studio and recorded a version of Airwaves with Posh. Telstar appeared to like it but I think there was a question mark over which way they wanted to go with her music.

"They didn't want her singing on it. So we took out Victoria's contribution and replaced it."

23/10/2003 17:35