Victoria Beckham has been touched by the unexpected support of her former Spice Girls bandmates following reports of her husband's infidelity.

Soccer star David Beckham has been at the centre of a media frenzy following claims he cheated on his wife with his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

However, Victoria Beckham has been contacted by all her former bandmates - who have endured a difficult relationship following the girl band's split and subsequent fruitless attempts to reform for a lucrative reunion tour.

A source reports, "Victoria's been touched by the support. GERI (Halliwell) rang and sent a huge bunch of flowers. Mel B called, Mel C rang from New York and EMMA (BUNTON) was practically in tears, but she's closer to Victoria than the others.

"Despite their differences, they are there for one another when it counts."

21/04/2004 13:22