Ex-SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is so impressed by former bandmate GERI Halliwell's post-yoga body, she's hired a top yoga expert to help her regain her figure after she gives birth to her third child next month (MAR05).

The wife of REAL MADRID star DAVID is terrified she'll lose her figure, because the extra pounds are notoriously difficult to shed after a third pregnancy.

But she hopes Halliwell's favourite exercise will help her get her famously svelte figure back.

A friend says, "Victoria wants to regain her slim look quickly after the baby is born and yoga will help. It helps with breathing techniques during labour. A top yoga teacher visits her twice a week for a session.

"She can't do strenuous exercise but stretching is great for her fitness and it keeps her skin toned. She got her figure back after BROOKLYN and ROMEO were born but it can be harder third time around. She is determined not to let herself go."

07/02/2005 15:29