Ex-SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is planning to release a dance record under a pseudonym, then reveal herself as the singer - all to cement her fame in America.

The star, who visited New York last month (APR03) to make several public appearances and appear on a high-profile TV interview with her soccer star husband David Beckham, has reportedly hired the Public Relations company behind soul singer Alicia Keys to advise her on how best to develop her career in the US.

Amongst other advice, the PR people have told POSH SPICE to record a secret dance track to gain exposure and credibility.

A source reports, "Victoria is determined to be the first Spice Girl to crack America and prove wrong anyone who has doubted her.

"She has mapped out her game plan like a military campaign and has hired Alicia Key's PR people MARK YOUNG and THOMAS MARTIN. They want her to carry on building up a public profile through TV appearances and magazine shoots.

"A presenting slot on the Mtv Movie Awards will guarantee her huge exposure in the States. Like she did with TRUESTEPPERS and Dane Bowers, she will then release a dance single under another name - and then emerge as the voice behind it."

07/05/2003 13:34