Victoria Beckham is sick of the endless stream of negative newspaper reports she's subjected to, and has urged the British public to stop believing everything they read.

The former SPICE GIRL and her husband DAVID have been plagued by intrusive investigations into the state of their marriage, especially since reports surfaced of the soccer star's alleged affair with his ex-personal assistant Rebecca Loos last year (04).

Interest in the couple was recently fuelled by their former nanny ABBIE GIBSON's claims they argue constantly and are on the brink of separation.

However, Victoria has called on critics to pay close attention to how she comes across in TV interviews - because then they'll know she and David are just two likeable, normal people who are madly in love.

She says, "I'm forever hearing, 'Have you really spent this much money on this? Have you really bought that?' That's not me. people will see us on (British TV chat show) PARKINSON, for example, and they'll say, 'Goodness! I really saw a different side to you.'

"People change their opinions until they read the next rubbish story in the newspapers. You constantly feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall. As soon as you start to overcome the perceptions, more come your way."

28/04/2005 17:18