Victoria Beckham has hit back at reports her marriage to soccer star DAVID BECKHAM is on the rocks, and the ex-SPICE GIRL doesn't want any public sympathy.

The 31-year-old brunette admits last year's (04) numerous infidelity allegations against her husband, which included claims of an affair with his former assistant Rebecca Loos, were heartbreaking but Victoria insists the REAL MADRID ace is "perfect".

She says, "I know some people don't want to believe it but we really are very happy.

"I'm so proud of David. Look at him - he's so bl**dy perfect!

"It hasn't been easy, sometimes you feel like you can't win. I seem to have got the sympathy vote.

"But I don't want anyone's sympathy because I've got a great life and I'm very proud of my husband and my family."

06/06/2005 14:02