Victoria Beckham has viciously hit back at her former nanny for shedding explosive details about her turbulent marriage to soccer ace DAVID.

The former SPICE GIRL has labelled ABBIE GIBSON a "two-faced cow" for telling British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD she witnessed a series of rows between the Beckhams during her employment at their home from August 2003 until she quit earlier this month (APR05).

Gibson claimed the couple ferociously argue all the time and are on the verge of splitting up - prompting the Beckhams to contemplate launching legal action against the 22-year-old.

And the mother-of-three is furious at the timing of the false allegations, because her highly scrutinised relationship with David is thriving again after taking a severe knock last year (04) when the REAL MADRID star's ex-personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she had an affair with the sports hunk.

British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR reports Victoria as saying, "Yeah, we have our arguments, of course we do. But all couples row, don't they? So at least that makes us bl*ody normal.

"To be honest, I'm more sad that this happened now because me and David are really happy."

26/04/2005 13:59