Victoria Beckham is following in Madonna's footsteps and embracing the controversial KABBALAH movement in an attempt to come to terms with husband David Beckham's alleged extra-marital affairs.

The former SPICE GIRL, 30, dined with the MATERIAL GIRL, 45, in Los Angeles last week (ends14MAY04) - and since then been spotted following some of the mystical Jewish faith's customs - such as wearing a red string bangle to ward off evil spirits.

Beckham's spokesperson CAROLINE McATEER comments, "I've spoken to Victoria and she did say she was wearing a Kabbalah bracelet. But she doesn't want to give any explanation."

Beckham was spotted wearing the bracelet when she arrived at a childrens' party with sons BROOKLYN, five and 19-month-old ROMEO - which another of her spokeswoman claims was merely a "fashion statement".

Her baby son's long hair was also tied in a ponytail favoured by the Kabbalah - which teaches that boys must not have their hair cut until they are three-years-old.

However the spokeswoman concedes, "Maybe she is getting interested in Kabbalah."

18/05/2004 01:39