Pregnant superstar Victoria Beckham has banned guests from upstaging her at the her sons' Christmas christening.

A host of A-list stars are invited to the bash at Victoria and husband DAVID's English estate on 23 December (04), including Tom Cruise, ELIZABETH HURLEY, SIR Elton John and David Furnish.

But Victoria - who is due to give birth to her third child next year (05) - has reportedly requested guests opt for "modest attire" so she isn't beaten in the glamour stakes.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY MAIL, "The last thing she would want is some of her more glamorous friends appearing dolled up to the nines.

"It is her big event and she wants to be the star of the show. She doesn't want to be made to feel uncomfortably drab compared to people like Elizabeth Hurley.

"This is a huge thing for Victoria and David."

22/12/2004 13:52