Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham has lashed out at critics of Tom Cruise - insisting he is "genuine" and "lovely". The singer and her soccer star husband David Beckham are close pals of Cruise and HOLMES and insist criticism of their scientology beliefs and their parentage of baby SURI is unfair. She says, "People say he's strange or whatever but he's not, he's just a genuinely lovely, caring person. "And Katie? She's one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I've ever met. I couldn't imagine a better person for Tom." She adds of four-month-old Suri, "I haven't seen Suri in the flesh yet, just in pictures and she looks so beautiful, the spitting image of her dad. "Tom calls me all the time and he's so in love with that little girl, he'll phone just to talk about her."